Ignored alerts

Many reported bugs are useless. Can I filter it ?

Of course. With administrator rights we can go to the configuration section of the warnings

Awesome ! How does it work ?

There are different blocks that each pattern can contain.

These patterns are criteria for filtering alerts that we want to ignore.


alt text

At the top, the Xhr warning block contains an active pattern on Prod.

The same pattern indicates that Weasel Spark does not take into account return codes 401

After setting up my ignored warnings …

In the Warnings section our warnings are filtered (in our case Xhr 401).

alt text

Moreover, we can display the alarms that are ignored by our pattern by clicking on the icon on the right (in our example we only see Xhr 401).

alt text

What is this symbol for all alarms ?

This icon is used to refer to the configuration section of warnings by adding a pattern in the right block corresponding to the selected warning (remember to save to keep this pattern).