Channel configuration

How to warn and configure ticket returns?

We can send our notifications via various bug tracker, chat and e-mail addresses.

To do this, we can configure channels to tell Weasel Spark what to use during an error report.

Great, but how do you configure?

A channel can be viewed in 3 different forms:

  • Bugtracker
  • Chat
  • Mail

Ability to specify a optional channel that is only used when the user selects this option when creating his ticket.

Below are 3 configuration examples:

  • one for the Mantis bugtracker
  • one for the chat Rocket_chat
  • one for an e-mail address


We take our example Mantis, but we also have the choice between Bugzilla, Jira or Redmine

alt text

This optional channel is configured to only send tickets from the production website to mantis in the 123 project in the General category.

The required characteristics depend on the selected bug tracker (see documentation for this).


Choose from: Rocket_chat or Slack

alt text

Here the channel is not optional. It sends all console tracks from local sites to chat #Weaselspark-alert


alt text

Finally, we still have a non-optional configuration that sends bug reports from the production office with the address to the address

After the configurations have been made …

After you have created your different channels, save them with the Save button at the bottom right of your screen.