This tab contains a list of users of the site:

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With the + button at the top right, you can add a user. With the pencil and the trash can you can edit or delete a user.

The pencil and trash are used to edit or delete a user.

Add a user

Here you can add a user and give rights on this site (administrator or user). An administrator has the right to access the configuration of a site and remove this site from the Weasel Spark dashboard.

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Il ne vous reste plus qu’à valider.

Edit a user

Here you can Edit:

  • The role of the user,
  • The alert on-line,
  • The alert during an error report. If we activate this option for a user, it will receive an e-mail during an error report. - A daily report informs the user about the progress of the bugfix.

You can also delete a user.

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