Creating a Weasel ticket

What is a weasel ticket?

If you encounter a problem on your site, you can create a Weasel ticket that will be uploaded to fix. So you will not meet him again.

A ticket has a title, a description and an image that you can edit. With this ticket, developers can correct the error.

It’s cool to be able to trace a bug, but how?

Imagine that a user searches the site and notices a bug, so he decides to create a ticket:

You have 2 possibilities to make a ticket:

Click on the Weasel Spark icon at the bottom left of the screen Press Ctrl + Alt + H at the same time

A pop-in opens and asks us if we want to send a Weasel ticket or not.

alt text

We click on Send, a second pop-in opens. We then click on the link to view the bug report form. alt text

A new window opens. This page is divided into 2 parts:

alt text

On the left side of the screen we can fill in the error report form.

On the right side of the screen you will see the screen shot of the page you want to follow.

For a better understanding of who is going to process the ticket, you have access to buttons to edit the image:

  • Add text Icône texte
  • Add an empty rectangle Icône texte
  • Add a filled rectangle Icône texte
  • Add a free drawing Icône dessin libre
  • Delete the selected item Icône supprimer

Then click the VALIDATE button to send our ticket and wait for the developers to solve the problem.