Where are the alerts ? What is their usefulness ?

In the Alerts section, we can find the complete list of alerts.

They are useful for detecting deviations from the user.

Moreover, by consulting the alert, you know the course of the user and it is easier to reproduce and resolve the bug.

What’s in this tab ?

On the first page you will see a graph with the number of messages as a function of time (depending on the selected type of alert).

alt text

Then we have a alert list:

  • Weasel report
  • Logs (console error)
  • Xhr (request)
  • Slow page

alt text

We note that on the selection domain of an alert we find different information that:

  • the number of times the alert occurred
  • how long ago the last alert of this type took place
  • either the time / type of return / or the type of console error / or nothing (depending on the alert)

Moreover, there is a new patern that matches the alarm where we come from.

I want to get a specific warning, how can I handle it ?

for example:

We would like a Xhr warning with the return 400.

Go to the Alerts section and select the xhr warnings.

alt text

Filter the list and disable any return codes outside the 400 code in the drop-down list.

alt text

We are now only with errors 400.

alt text

We can now select our report to display it.

alt text