What is an event ? And why ?

An event is an action in session discussions.

These actions are useful for filtering the list of sessions.

Depending on the events, it is advisable to reduce this potentially long list (more than 500 sessions).

Great, how do you create an event ?

You can create an event if you have administrator rights.

Example event:

We want to analyze the number of sign-in attempts that a user has made to correct an authentication problem.

To do this, you must:

  • Create one or more events
  • Find the sessions of these events in the Funnels tab

alt text

Example of an event whose action type is clic on the item with id #input_login with the name clickLogin.

This event tells us when the user clicked on the login box on the login page.

After the events have been created, we can filter the search for sessions on the funnels.