Overall description of Weasel Spark

Weasel Spark is a tool with which bugs can be reported and the performance of a website can be analyzed (speed of display of a page, speed of execution of a request XHR …).

This tool is divided into two parts:

  • The tracker, present at the bottom left of the page to follow, that allows a bug on the current page to be traced, creating a ticket in the bugtracker you have configured (see the Channel configuration chapter
  • The dashboard, which displays the statistics of the page (number of slow pages, speed of execution of a page, types of events being tracked …)

There are 2 ways to insert the Weasel Spark script:

  • Either directly in the code of the web page. you have to register in the Weasel Spark dashboard, add your site and insert the site ID into the script
  • Either locally. To do this, you must use a plug-in to add a script to the browser (Greasemonkey for Firefox, Tampermonkey for Chrome)