Add a site in the dashboard Weasel

Sign up to get started at Then you have access to the list of sites that can be tracked. click on the + icon, circled in red in the image below.

alt text

The following pop-up will then appear:

alt text

You can:

  • Enter the name of the site,
  • Select the type of tracker site by Weasel Spark

When you click on the + button of the pop-up, the site will be added to the list and you will have an ID inserted in the Weasel script.

alt text

Then retrieve the weasel script and embed it on your website.

Install the script locally

It is also possible to implement the script locally, it is necessary to install the following plug-ins on the browsers:

  • Greasemonkey on Firefox and / or
  • Tampermonkey in Google Chrome

These plug-ins will add the Weasel Spark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to re-link a bug or propose a new feature.