Admin site




Possibility to select the environment in the header.

Filter session

The session filter (xhr / console / view …) are added to the memory and remain in the session.



The security strategies are terminated. The difference between user and administrator becomes more remarkable.


Correction of the edge effect during the graphical display


Administration page


Multi Config

Custom fields added for the Mantis bug tracker


  • The function copy script is corrected.


Admin site

Hello at the beginning of the season, the Weasel Team presents the progress



We have added a page with the configurations of the different ones Bugtracker, chat and mail.

In our example, we have an optional configuration for Rocket chat that only ships tickets. Then we have an optional configuration for Mantis.

alt text

Bug report

After adding the multi-config part, the user can select an optional channel (if configured).

alt text

Top 5 of the 5 tests in failure

Then appears a new table of the last 5 tests in failure. The arrow redirects to the last report of the selected test, as for other tables on the page.

alt text

Alert filter

We have added a button for the notifications. It is redirected to configure the ignored warnings with a new set of rules that matches the selected alert.

alt text

Script configuration

With this redesign, you can now disable the download speed estimation feature.

alt text

Test command

Two new commands have been added: dragAndDrop and mouseMove. Their values are coordinates and therefore go to this position. The dragAndDrop can also have the value of the target of an element.

In our example, the test will change the Weasel Spark logo and place it above the id input_login field.

alt text


The planning of the test cases is corrected and is now functional.

alt text